Armagh Camp: Cloughreagh
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Date: 4th - 8th Jul 2016 Week: 1 Location: St. Peter's Primary School, Cloughreagh, Newry

Armagh Camp: Cloughreagh

St. Peter’s Primary School has hosted the Armagh Camp for three consecutive years. Each year, the Armagh Camp has been fully subscribed. This demand for places is testament to the great work of our volunteers.
See below what last year’s Armagh Campettes had to say about their experience:

What last year's Campettes thought of Camp:

“I have learned to never settle for less than your best!” Armagh Campette 2015
“I have learned that I am special and there is only one of me and life is precious for me and my family and friends and we love one another and I’ve learnt that life has no limits that I can do anything” Armagh Campette 2015
“I have learned that FAITH IS FUN and beauty isn’t only skin deep.” Armagh Campette 2015
“I loved every second of the Michaela camp. I loved meeting new people and doing new things that I may not of had the chance to do outside the camp.”

Armagh Camp: Armagh City
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Date: 25th - 29th Jul 2016 Week: 4 Location: St. Catherine's College, Armagh City

Armagh Camp: Armagh City

St. Catherine’s College is the host venue for the second Michaela Foundation Summer Camp in Armagh.
For years, we’ve received requests to bring Camp to Armagh City. In 2016 the Armagh City Camp will become a reality!
Camp is for girls aged 11-13. Too old? Never worry, enthusiastic individuals over the age of 17 may apply to volunteer and join the team…..or even lead it!
Check out photos from last summer’s Camps by following the below link…

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