Antrim Camp: Belfast

Date: 20th - 24th Jul 2020 Week: 4 Location: St Mary's University College, Belfast

Antrim Camp: Belfast

We are so excited be returning to St. Mary’s University College for our seventh year to host the Belfast Camp.
Please note this year’s change of date!
Each year the Camp has been fully subscribed. See below some feedback from last year’s Campettes:

What last year's Campettes thought of Camp:

“Fun, laughter, friends, jokes and the volunteers made it even better wouldn’t have traded it for the world!” 2019 Belfast Campette

“I would describe it as a blast! It was really fun and I would certainly recommend it to my friends.” 2019 Belfast Campette

“It was really fun. I met lots of people. The leaders were very nice and friendly. I have become a lot more positive after my experience with Michaela Foundation.” 2019 Belfast Campette

“Best week. Loved making new friends and meeting up with friends from last year.” 2019 Belfast Campette

“An amazing and incredible experience. Loved the dancing and meeting old and new friends. Didn’t want the camp to end. Looking forward to next year!” 2019 Belfast Campette

Antrim Camp: Ballycastle

Date: 13th - 17th Jul 2020 Week: 3

Antrim Camp: Ballycastle

We can’t wait to return to Cross and Passion College, Ballycastle in for the third year of our North Antrim Camp!
Camp is for girls aged 11-13. Too old? Never worry, enthusiastic individuals over the age of 17 may apply to volunteer and join the team…..or even lead it!
See below some feedback from last year’s Campettes:

What last year's Campettes thought of Camp:

“Met new friends that I usually play against in sport and got to know them better. I definitely want to go back as a leader.” 2019 Ballycastle Campette

“It was very fun. I loved every day. I was scared on the first day because I didn’t know that many people but by the end on the week I had met loads of new friends.” 2019 Ballycastle Campette

“I enjoyed meeting new friends and working with the older leaders.” 2019 Ballycastle Campette

“It was so much fun, I couldn’t wait to get back each day to see what new activities they had in store for us. I had the best week & I will definitely be back next year.” 2019 Ballycastle Campette

“It was really fun and I met a new friend while I was there.” 2019 Ballycastle Campette

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