Fermanagh Camp: Enniskillen
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Date: 15th - 19th Jul 2019 Week: 3 Location: St. Fanchea's College, Enniskillen

Fermanagh Camp: Enniskillen

We can’ wait to return to St. Fanchea’s College for the seventh consecutive year in 2019.

It was an amazing experience for Campettes and Leaders alike. The Fermanagh Camp was fully registered within a few hours in 2018. It’s therefore advised to register early for Camp in 2019 as to avoid disappointment.

Check out what last year’s Campettes had to say about Camp:

What last year's Campettes thought of Camp:

“It was an amazing week” 2018 Fermanagh Campette

“It was great, thank you” 2018 Fermanagh Campette

“Definitely my confidence has grown!” 2018 Fermanagh Campette

Fermanagh Camp: Irvinestown

Date: 8th - 12th Jul 2019 Week: 2 Location: St Mary's College, Irvinestown
Fermanagh Camp: Irvinestown

Fermanagh Camp: Irvinestown

We can’t wait to bring our camp back to St Mary’s College, Irvinestown in 2019! Leaders and Campettes enjoyed every single second of their very first Irvinestown camp last year!

Camp is for girls aged 11-13. Too old? Never worry, enthusiastic individuals over the age of 17 may apply to volunteer and join the team…..or even lead it!

What last year's Campettes thought of Camp:

“Good fun! I couldn’t wait to go back the next day to see everyone again. I loved making new fiends and strengthening other friendships through great activities” 2018 Irvinestown Campette


“My birthday! It meant so much that the leaders baked me a cake and wrote a card for me to remember.” 2018 Irvinestown Campette


“My confidence keeps growing thanks to Camp” 2018 Irvinestown Campette

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