Summer time madness

Friday May 16th 2014

Twenty four weeks have flown by and I am officially finished my first year at University of Ulster, Coleraine! No more lectures, seminars, tutorials or practicals for three to four months- happy days! With just two exams to complete in the middle of May, my ‘official’ summer holidays are just around the corner. I only thought that seventh year went fast but my first year at uni has surpassed it. Of course the revision has started but sometimes it’s good to have a few distractions to keep me sane!! My main distraction involves helping to organise a Spring fundraising event alongside enthusiastic ladies in our local club, Clann Na nGael.

We are holding a wedding dress extravaganza fashion show, called ‘Brides through the years’ on Friday 9th May. This is an opportunity to view and admire how wedding gowns have changed through the decades and a trip down memory lane!

image (7)

With almost fifty dresses lined up it is sure to be a brilliant night. We even have a gem of a dress from the early 1960’s!! Organising a fashion show involves a lot of work but the saying ‘many hands make light work’ is certainly true as we are not lacking in helping hands and the teamwork is brilliant. From staging to lighting, refreshments to be served, models to have in correct order, escorts to sort and a compere to organise- you can see preparations have been going on a while! While finishing touches are being finalised it’s heads down until the 9th May.

No doubt it will be a night for reliving the past and we hope it will be an occasion to remember in the future.


By the time you are reading this, myself and fellow scholars will have hopefully crossed the finishing line and completed the relay of the Belfast Marathon in aid of The Michaela Foundation! The nerves are kicking in already and I’m hoping my legs will carry me through my 6 miles. We have trained hard so I have total faith that we’ll get to the finishing line. How could we not try and give something back to an organisation who has done so much for us? Training can be tough going at times, and when I feel like giving up I remember why I am doing it! Needless to say I stop feeling sorry for myself and keep moving!!


On paper, having three to possibly four months off on summer holidays sounds great- but I know after getting re-energised for a week or two I’ll be raring to go again. There’s only so much lazing around you can do! Luckily for me I have an action packed summer to keep me entertained.

I am blessed to be a member of the faith team in the Michaela girls summer camp in Glencull, Co. Tyrone. There are many meetings and events which are happening between now and July to deliver an action packed week to girls aged 11-13. The Michaela Camp experience is not one which can be described but rather it has to be felt. The camp is electric! The sense of community, friendship and faith touch the lives of not only the compettes but the lucky leaders too.

Medjugorje is fast approaching and with my trip now officially paid off I can really look forward to the months ahead. With temperatures higher than I’m used to, I’ll need to invest in summer attire to replace the hoodies! Any excuse for a shopping trip! I have heard from pilgrims who have visited before that it is a worthwhile trip and experience that will enrich my life. I’ll be travelling as part of a group of around forty people, many I have met before and others I’m looking forward to sharing the experience with. There’s one thing for sure, it will be a week to remember with a good mix of prayer and craic!

Finally I’d like to wish all seventh years good luck for their summer exams. The hard work will pay off and the storm will be over soon enough- then the real fun can begin!

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