The suns out….It must be exam time!!!

Monday April 27th 2015

Exams are never too far away are they?! It seems only to recent since I had that sense of relief and freedom again after the first semester exams and here we are back at the starting blocks again! And just in time for its annual appearance.. THE SUN!! It always seems to make an appearance throughout study season, as if it isn’t hard enough to get the head in the books!! Despite the dreaded weeks to come I still managed to have a fun-filled Easter, and knowing I have 5 weeks of total freedom at the other side, is helping me to get through the next few weeks! Of course the revision has started, but its good to have a few distractions to keep yourself sane throughout exams… Luckily I have the GAA as a coping mechanism, anddd friends that are about for a yarn agus an cúppan taé at just about any time of the day!

April blog

Easter week for me involved catching up on some well needed family time and enjoying the glorious weather with special friends. We took a road trip to what was supposed to be Rossnowlegh but somewhere along the way ended up in Mullaghmore (I swear I wasn’t responsible for giving the directions, probably something to do with Maebhs driving) Despite the small mishap however we had a brilliant day; great company, weather and craic – finishing off the day with chip buttys in Bundoran; never did ya see 3 girls as content!

April blog 2

Next up was Grannies 80th birthday celebrations where all the family got together for the nights craic. With the majority of our family living in Fermanagh, these kinds of get togethers are cherished that wee bit more as its not often that everybody’s together at one time for us. It was a great day to be a part of and everyone really enjoyed the special occasion!

April 5

So that’s the craic with me over this last few weeks. By the time next months blog will be written I will no longer be a teenager?? Ermmm, im not ready to grow up?! Another year older, probably none the wiser!! For now though, its time to put the head in the books, send the exam timetable to both grannys to pray for a miracle and hope for the best! My daddy always said ‘Fail to prepare and your preparing to fail!’ so Ard mór ort to everyone preparing and doing exams in the coming weeks, have faith in yourself and strive for your best! Your hard work will pay of and the storm will soon be over – then the real fun can begin!


Until next time,


Dia Leat,


Cora x