The Fermanagh Michaela Girls’ Summer Camp

Saturday September 21st 2013

Lorraine Murphy a leader at the Fermanagh Michaela Girls’ Summer Camp composed a poem about her week at camp.

The Fermanagh Michaela Camp

Seventy-one girls came walking through the door,
None of them quite knowing what was in store,
Tired, nervous, worried minds,
Excited, energised – emotions of all kinds.
Twenty-two leaders, of their dedication you all know,
Fashion, Well-being, Fun, Fáilte, Faith – Let’s go!
Talents were discovered as flower arrangements were made,
In well-being self confidence foundations were laid,
One hundred percent effort was given to dance without any fuss,
The progress made in Irish deserves a big bualadh bos!
Faith is at the heart of it all,
With God on their side, our girls will stand tall!
Many people came during the week to help us out,
It wouldn’t have been the same without them – of this there is no doubt.
They made the effort to come from near and far,
Even Harry Styles dropped in – a real life pop star!
Inspirational people spoke to you throughout the week,
The top of the rainbow we hope you all continue to seek.
All you girls from day one to day five
Have truly helped to keep Michaela’s memory alive,
Wearing your camp jerseys here standing side by side,
We know you will continue to wear them with pride.
Fermanagh campettes, our final message to you
Believe in yourself and your dreams will come true!