‘Time tooooooo say goodbyeeeee’

Thursday September 4th 2014

As I open microsoft word for my very last blog, the classical song ‘Time to say goodbye’ is ringing in my ears! Don’t panic I won’t attatch my rendition!

Twelve months later, eleven blogs written and here I am writing the very last one. I have now reached the end of my Michaela Foundation Scholar journey and what a year it has been. I remember the day I had to meet the other scholars and worrying what to wear as we were getting photographs and what not. Sitting on the Queens wall posing while cars drove past and laughed!! I’m sure the other scholars are pinching themselves that that was a year ago! I’m beginning to feel old!

You know it is entering a new season when the floodlights have to come on at our local GAA pitch! Autum has arrived. The evenings are becoming shorter, leaves are falling and light is dimming and getting even more precious. That only means one thing.. Back to education yayyyy! A new set of freshers awaits us and we are now big, experienced second years!

I only thought that sixth and seventh year went fast until I experienced first year of university and realised that I only had two twelve week blocks. One thing in my life that I am very guilty of is wishing time away..oooops! ‘I can’t wait to Christmas’, ‘I can’t wait to this weekend’, ‘I can’t wait to the holidays’, are some statements I can come out with. My advice to any student is just live in the present, in the now! The past is past, and the future is too far away to waste time worrying about it. That’s my new academic resolution (tehe)! Lets see how long it will last!

It seems poignant to me now to mention the important things in life. After exam results and all the terrible stress that comes along with applying to university, the chaos of results can often take over. I know around exam time for my A-levels and in my first year of uni, there was always so much unavoidable stress and worry. However after the storm, we realise that exams aren’t actually the ‘be all and end all’ and that there are absolutely more important things in life, like your family, friends and good health. To the students whose results maybe didn’t go to plan, their plan that is! Do not worry because I believe that God has a bigger and better plan for you and he just wants you to take the scenic route for now.

I am so thankful to The Michaela Foundation for giving me a platform to inspire, educate and support other young people. When applying to be a scholar, the application was like none I had ever filled in before and that is exactly why I wanted to apply. It didn’t ask about grades. It didn’t ask about achievements. It simply was finding out about your personality and letting your light shine. I am endebted to the Foundation as I have made amazing friends, not only the other five scholars whom I believe are my friends for life but the people I have met through camps as well.

To all new and upcoming freshers, enjoy every second of first year. It goes like a flash. Everyone is in the same boat as you and it is a new experience for everyone so try not to feel daunted. You will have made friends in no time and will be settled in before you know it.

I decided to write a wee poem to sign off my Michaela Scholar journey;


Six scholars we are but now friends you see,

Members of the Michaela Foundation Family.

Twelve blogs written in the space of a year,

I can’t believe it’s the end, I might shed a tear.


When we all got the phone call from Una Kelly,

There was definitely butterflies in our belly.

Two from Tyrone, Donegal and a Derry and Fermanagh hood,

What a mixture- sure it could only be good!


We had ups and downs like all students do,

But that was part of develpoing and growing up too.

We missed being spoonfed at our old school,

But we got to party during the week and that was cool.


We needed to say thanks to those who had chosen us,

This involved running instead of using the bus.

We decided to run the Belfast Marathon in May,

We carried a special lady in our hearts that day.


This may be the end of our scholarship role,

We loved every second and reached some goals.

Memories and friends, the best of a kind,

Stored forever in my heart and in my mind.


Thats all from me, my final farewell,

A better experience, no one would sell.

Good luck, God bless and remember to grin,

With lots of love from scholar; Fin.