Volunteer Fundraising Guidelines

#GetInvolved in 2019 and help make a contribution to the cost of camp by joining with the Michaela Foundation family to reach our fundraising target of £50/€60 per volunteer. You can fundraise individually or as part of a team!
We love working with you, our volunteers every year and we know how much you love and benefit from being involved in something so worthwhile, but it does come at a cost and we would love if you can help us in a small way!
The following is a snippet of the direct costs for each and every volunteer

  • Volunteer Training Cost £40
  • Exclusive Volunteer Jersey £22

We then also have camp resources, insurance, marketing and that’s just before our general overheads! As you can see, there is a big cost but ‘every little helps’ and if we can all help out, we can continue to run our inspirational camps together!
We are mindful that not all volunteers are experienced fundraisers, please do not worry! We are here to support you with ideas and advice every step of the way. Together we can make Michaela Foundation Summer camps sustainable, bringing our “life without limits” ethos to more young people every year.
Individual Fundraising ideas for use at home, school/university and in the workplace – the possibilities are endless…

  1. Dingbat sheets – download and print Dingbat sheets (below) we suggest £1/€1 donation from each participant. On completion of their sheet all participants will be entered into a prize draw. Please source a sponsored prize from a local business and set a date for the winner to be announced.
  2. Word search – Create your own themed word search or download & Michaela Foundation word search (below) and challenge your friends and family. Remember to charge a fee for each word search, we suggest £1/€1 donation from each participant. Please source a sponsored prize from a local business and set a date for the winner to be announced.
  3. Sponsored silence
  4. Tea party – are you a budding baker? Share your talent and charge a fee for your sweet treats.
  5. Raffle – ask local businesses’ to sponsor a prize, then raise money by selling raffle tickets. Don’t forget to set a date for the winner to be announced.
  6. Lent challenge – donate the money you save by giving up treat.

Team fundraising ideas; maybe you would like to partner with someone in your team or fundraise in a group?

  1. Bag pack – contact your local supermarket and arrange a date/time to bag pack.
  2. Film Night – contact a local community or parish hall to donate their centre for one evening to fundraise in aid of Michaela Foundation.
  3. Coffee morning – contact a local business who would might like to host a coffee morning to raise much needed funds for Michaela Foundation.

If you have an idea which is not listed above, we would love to hear it! Please forward your fundraising suggestions to janine@michaelafoundation.com so we can support you in your fundraising. We aim to guide you through each stage of fundraising, for example you may like help designing a poster to advertise your event? we will also provide fundraising buckets and pop up display banners however, please book these items in advance to ensure availability.
Please note if a local business donates use of their venue for your fundraising event e.g. coffee shop, community hall, football field etc. it’s important to acknowledge & thank that sponsor on the day of your fundraising event. Michaela Foundation will endeavour to acknowledge all sponsors across its popular social media channels.

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